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Tiaong History
Know more about Tiaong, Quezon

In the begining , Tiaong was part of Laguna province, starting as a naturally located town bounded by Batangas, Laguna & Quezon Provinces. In 1691, Tiaong became an independent municipality through the efforts of a kind, nationalistic and very religious woman, Doņa Tating, who lived outside the town proper.
The name of the town is said to have originated from "Tia Ong" (Auntie Ong), the appellation by which the early residents fondly called Doņa Tating, the town's founder. Doņa Tating came to be called Tia Ong because wherever she went, she rode around on a pet ox that was fond of giving a loud cry of "Oooong". Doņa Tating was in fact so well known by this appellation that her full name seems to have been forgotten now.
An illustrious son of Tiaong, known for his nationalistic ideals, is Don Claro M. Recto known as the Father of the Philippine Constitution. He was born on February 8, 1890 in Tiaong, and grew to be a brilliant leader, statesman, politician, journalist and freedom lover. Today a monument marking his birthplace can be found within the town proper.

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